Astral Dry Herb Vaporizer

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In the box with the Astral loose leaf vaporizer.

  • The Astral Vaporizer Unit
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Instruction Manual

On first impression the Astral is elegant, beautiful and well made. The kit is basic but has a very clean, well designed look and seems promising.

Now let’s take a closer look at The Astral unit itself. The Astral is a very simply designed vaporizer consisting of the sanitary cap which pulls off to remove the mouthpiece which also comes off by rocking it with your thumb to reveal the medical grade stainless steel oven chamber which holds about ⅓ gram of ground herbs. On the bottom of the unit is the single power/ power selector button as well as the micro-usb charging port.

Charging the unit fully of course is the first step in using the Astral vaporizer. When plugged into the USB charger the led indicator flashes purple as the unit charges then solid blue when fully charged. The Astral is designed for use with dry herbs only which should be ground fine before packing. The herbs are packed into the heating chamber from the top and the concave opening makes it easy to pack. It easily held a quarter gram to one third gram of ground cannabis in our tests.

The Astral is powered on by holding down the power button on the bottom until the led light glows green indicating it is on the lowest of it’s 3 heat settings. The temperature is changed by 3 quick clicks on the same bottom button. This will cycle the Astral to a yellow, the medium setting then again to a purple high temperature setting. The unit will pulse the color corresponding to its heat setting until the temperature is reached, then it will remain solid. When it is solid, it is ready to hit. Long slow easy draws from the Astral resulted in some tasty and pleasant puffs. The clouds were not overwhelming but were plenty adequate. One neat feature of the Astral is that you can shake it vigorously during use and it will tell you the current battery level by way of coded flashing lights. Purple meaning fully charged, blue for some charge and red for inadequate charge.

The Astral has an automatic 3 minute safety cut off, also indicated by red flashing light, then power off of the unit. Using the Astral on high resulted in the largest puffs, but there was some minor and uneven charring at the highest setting after 2 cycles. I found 1 medium cycle to be the best performing for my testing cannabis.

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