Banana OG Kush (Hybrid)

Up Close with Cannabis Strains: an up close look at Banana OG Kush


Banana OG is one of the strongest strains of cannabis I have tried as far as THC content goes. The THCa is at 21.41% along with activated THC at .52% giving the banana OG a whopping 21.93% total THC.

CBD acid is also present at .8% of a percent for a total CBD count of .8% There was no CBN’s present in this testing data. The data used here was taken from the dispensaries website, reported tested by DH labs in San Diego from April 2015.


On first impression of the banana OG it’s hard not to notice the generous dusting of blonde kief blanketing the loose and stringy buds that grow long and loose like a centipede. The aroma of banana OG is distinctly tropical with mellow citrus notes that hint at honey and of course banana. The flaky texture and fuzzy coat of trichomes on the banana go give it a distinct and beautifully light, sparkling aura.


The taste when smoking banana go is intensely sweet and almost effervescent. The effects presented almost immediately are strongly uplifting and relaxing and will most certainly cause the giggles.


  • Excellent sweet taste
  • Intense head high


  • Heavy eyelids, watery eyes
  • Sleepiness


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