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The Crafty Portable Vaporizer is a premium herb or wax/concentrate vaporizer from Storz and Bickel, the makers of the famous Volcano vaporizer.

Price: $399.00 Retail availability: Available Worldwide

Product Features / Overview:
Super rugged and compact design with a single lithium ion battery and single button basic function simplicity. It is a full convection hot air vaporizer suitable for both dry herb or wax and concentrated marijuana. It also features an innovative free Android and IOS Remote Control App.

What’s in the box:
1 pc. The CRAFTY Vaporizer
1 pc. Power Adapter with USB Cable
1 pc. Liquid Pad,
3 pc. Spare Screens,
1 pc. Cleaning Brush,
1 pc. Herb Mill,
1 pc. Filling Aid
1 Set of Spare Seal Rings
1 pc. Instructions for Use

First Impressions:
On first impression the first thing I noticed is how light the unit is and also compact in the and. The plastic material that comprises the entire surface, mouthpiece and air pathway at first seems startlingly toy like. But closer inspection reveals and super strong space-age design with excellent tight fittings, washers and excellent craftsmanship. Operating the device was easy and straightforward and the free app was easy to install on my Android phone. The device chargers with a wall or usb adapter that plugs in behind a poker tool in the unit base. The additional accessories were nice as well. the grinder is a good quality grinder and the loading device, although tricky at first, proved useful in loading ground marijuana into the device. There is also a cool hologram that will surely help guarantee authenticity.

RATINGS (5 star system)

Price / Value (Value comparing price and features of comparable devices)
Rating: 4
Reason: Although it is one of the finest vaporizers we have reviewed and likely worth the steep price, it’s still in an elitist price category out of reach of the common marijuana user. Minus one star.

Features / Design (Aesthetics, user friendliness, stealthiness. etc)
Rating: 5
Reason: Rugged, stealthy, handsome and refined it’s also easy to use out of the box. The ability to use concentrates with the supplied mesh insert was a nice feature but did leave the chamber a little sticky. The app opens up more options and worked well on the Android system. The battery was adequate but could be little stronger. And as a minor note, the charging cable is too short for a premium device.

Performance of device (How well the device vaporizes the material)
Rating: 5
Reason: This is the best vaporizer performance I have experienced in a hand held unit. It gave consistent hits over a long period without the slightest charring or combustion. The vaporized marijuana is evenly baked to a consistent color. The wax concentrate performance was also excellent providing thorough vaporization and easy use, although using it with wax did leave some sticky residue in the Crafty’s metal chamber.

Taste / Cloud (How big are the clouds, how is the taste? Effectiveness in producing high feelings.)
Rating: 5
Reason: I was skeptical because of the composite material mouthpiece, but the flavor of the hits was flawless without the slightest hint of anything artificial or plastic which is pretty amazing considering the temperatures reached up to 410 degrees.

Overall Rating: 4.75 stars
Review Summary: A top of the line premium hand held vaporizer with nearly perfect performance for both wax and dried flowers. It’s price is high but the bar it sets is even higher.

Pros: Flawless performance for wax and flowers with some of the coolest design and features around.
Cons: The usb power cord is too short.

Again I’d like to thank the awesome guys over at Wizard Puff – the Vaporizer Superstore for sending us this incredible vaporizer for this review. If you’d like to purchase one or learn more follow the link in the screen and to get a discount on the Crafty Vaporizer be sure to use the code: RUFFHOUSE at the store.

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