Goliath 18" Triple Disc Water Pipe

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Welcome to the Blazin’ Gear Review of the Goliath 18″ Triple Disc Water Pipe from Marijuana Packaging.

Goliath triple disc water pipe.00_01_52_26.Still010The Goliath water pipe is a mammoth 18″ pipe made of thick heat resistant borosilicate glass. It has 4 filtration elements. 1 bell shape filter at the top and a honeycomb filter sandwiched between 2 hurricane filters in the lower chamber.

The Goliath included a large 2 layer glass bowl that fits into the 18mm female glass fitting of the bong which sits in an upright position. There is also ice catcher nipples in the barrel of the pipe.

Water is added directly into the large mouthpiece and it holds about 6 – 8 ounces of water. The pipe is large and heavy, weighing about 3.5 pounds with water in it. The cyclical action of the water as it is filtered through the various agitating filters is pretty impressive. The aeration expands the water easily up into three stages of the pipe.

Goliath triple disc water pipe.00_01_47_19.Still011And now for our usage test we are using Charlie Sheen OG. The Goliath pipe offers huge hits of nicely filtered and cooled smoke. Despite it’s size, it’s not difficult to pull the water through the action of the pipe.

The Goliath Triple Disc Water Pipe from Marijuana Packaging is a surprisingly low cost, but highly effective filtering water pipe that lives up to it’s mammoth name with huge, clean tasting, cool hits.

The price is great, the design is solid, the quality is excellent so we are giving the Goliath 3 stage water pipe 5 pot leaves.

If you’d like to learn more about the Goliath, or see some of the other great deals on water pipes, please follow the link in the description to visit Marijuana Packaging.

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