i710 Pro Portable e-Nail from VapeCode

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In the box.
An instruction manual and the i710 Pro kit which consist of the battery and atomizer with it’s standard ceramic cap as well as the optional glass bubbler mouthpiece.
Underneath we find the wall charger as well as a replacement titanium foil heating element. Included is also 2 18560 3.2 Volt Batteries, 1 to use while the other charges.

The heavy metal and ceramic build and all the included additional components leads to an nice first Impressions of the i710 Pro.

Now let’s look a little closer at the i710 Pro. The wall charger has flip out socket plugs and will charge 1 battery at a time. The other battery goes into the screw off cap at the bottom of the unit. This bottom cap also serves as the power button to activate the heating element.

The heating element sits beneath the default ceramic mouthpiece cap and is made of a thin titanium cup which heats almost instantly upon pressing the button on the bottom of the device. The instructions warn not to heat it while it is empty but I’m going to lower the lights and do it anyway quickly for demonstration in this review.

Now let’s get to the usage of the i710 Pro which is very easy and straightforward. The batteries are charged by inserting it into the charger base and plugging it into a standard outlet. The led light displays red while the battery is charging and green when fully charged.

With the device charged you can insert wax, shatter or crumble concentrates directly into the titanium heating cup and then a quick push of the button on bottom immediately vaporizes the wax. You simply slip on the mouthpiece, press and hit. The i710 Pro handles big size dabs easily drying the bowl with zero ponding or leftover wax. Using it with the bubbler is just as easy. Just add in a little water, it only holds the correct amount. Then you use the device as normally with the ceramic cap by adding the wax in first then capping and pressing while you hit.

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