Magic Flight Launch Box

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Features Overview

The Launch Box is a portable dry herb vaporizer from Magic Flight that features a very unique wooden design and a trench that holds about a half to 1 gram of ground marijuana that is covered by a pyrex sliding cover. The battery is external and is inserted manually by the user into the box for contact. There is also an optional glass mouthpiece stem.

Here is what you get in the box:

  • Owners Manual and Information
  • 2 Batteries
  • Battery Charger
  • Launch Box Vaporizer Unit
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Glass Mouthpiece Stem

First Impressions

On first impression the Launch Box seems confusing if you are accustomed to the standard pen and/or hand held vaporizers. There are strange markings on the device and a message emblazoned into the wood. Are these messages from the Gods? But the quality is evident in the vaporizer and all of the included items. The sliding lid and glass stem fit tightly into the well-crafted wooden base unit and the loose batteries have tight fitting rubber caps. But unless you are familiar with the device, you will likely need to read into the very thorough and well designed usage guide and instruction manual.


The manual indicates that the batteries are sent fully charged and ready to go, but this was not the case as we did find the unit would not operate until both of the batteries were charged. (We did receive a cosmetic fail device so this just may be a unit that has been sitting on a shelf.) But after a couple hour both batteries were charged and our testing resumes.

Grinding the proper amount of marijuana was easy with the nifty little Nano Grinder, which is available separately for $16.25. The grinder was useful, operated smooth and fits perfectly into the top of the trench for loading the ground marijuana. Then you tap the unit to settle the marijuana into and use your fingers to very gently press the herbs into the screen trench which serves as the bowl.

Then you slide the lid over the top to secure the ground marijuana from falling out. There is a lot of extra space in the trench so it is necessary to hold the device level and not shake it much or the load will dislodge front the trenched area of the bowl and provide an uneven hit.

Next you insert the battery manually into the largest hole on the side of the vaporizer which contains the battery contact bar. You remove the rubber cap from the battery and press it into the chamber until it connects and begins vaporizing the marijuana which is evident by looking through the mouth hole. You can see the red light of the atomizer and the vapor begin to accumulate.

You hit the vaporizer directly with your mouth on the hole or by using the optional glass tube mouthpiece inserted into the mouth hole. Then you can hit the vaporizer with several methods outlined in the user manual. We found that the hits ranged very widely in intensity depending on the method used or how long the battery was pressed. It is recommended to tap the unit to dislodge the herb from the trench and turn or mix it by shaking before settling it into the trench for a more even experience.

One thing to be careful of is combustion. The Launch Box will most definitely combust your herbs if you are not careful. If you hit too long, too hard or in one spot without shaking up the unit it will ignite and flash up. It is obvious in the tasted and you can also see the cherry of the burning weed through the clear top.

The device is very easy to clean and maintain. It is recommended to use the provided brush for cleaning the vaporized, or burnt herbs from the trench.


Price / Value: 5 Pot Leafs

With an unlimited lifetime warranty it is really hard to beat a device like this for barely over a hundred dollars. On price and value the Launch Box gets a solid 5 pot leafs.

Design / Features: 5 Pot Leafs

The build quality and design of the Launch Box are both unique to the portable vaporizer world.  The transparency of the device and how it works is clever and effective if perhaps leaving a little more in the hands of the user than most similar devices.

Cloud and Taste: 5 Pot Leafs

The simplistic design, wood, glass and fine screen offer one of the most natural, if not cleanest tastes of vaporizers in the price class. The clouds you can achieve range from cool and small to full on smoke depending on how it is used.

Vaped Marijuana Quality: 3 Pot Leafs

The weak point in an otherwise fine device is the look of the marijuana as it remains in the chamber. In our attempts to achieve large hits led to combusting the marijuana on multiple attempts and when being careful not to combust the marijuana, we achieved uneven results in the color of the vaporized herbs.



  • Stylish and Unique
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Conversation starter


  • Odd / Awkward
  • Combusts Herbs
  • Batteries get hot

The Launch Box from Magic Flight is an effective vaporizer, or a pipe if you choose that has a lot of character. From the inspiring quote inscribed on the device, the mysterious markings that cover the front right down to the unusual shape and function of the vaporizer, the Magic Flight Launch Box makes no excuses and bends all of the rules. It’s guaranteed to be a conversation starter at the very least so it’s great for sharing your herbs with a friend or breaking out on the concert lawn.

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