Paradise Candy Company Cannabis Infused Edibles

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Paradise Candy Company boast about their high quality, organic and “Consistent THC” marijuana infused edibles and today we take a close look at their product line.

One thing that stands out is their offering of careful dosages of the mayo clinic recommended 5 mg CBD edibles for medical marijuana patients with those specific cannabinoid requirements. Each CBD package cost about $14 and has 4, 5mg candies.

All the remaining products are geared to the THC seeking, recreational marijuana users. They offer 40 mg THC regular strength candies and 100mg extra strength edibles. They also have caramels, lollipops and ranchers in a multitude of flavors such as, kiwi, guava, raspberry, root beer, peppermint, caramel apple and my personal favorite, XXX caramels.

Another of our favorites is the unique caramel apple pop. The buttery sweet caramel opposite the tart green apple lolli give a dynamically delicious flavor that will make you forget all about the very slight marijuana flavor hiding beneath the palette. That is until the effects of 100mg of thc flood into your brain.

Each package is labelled in detail with ingredients and THC and CBD potencies, allergen information and more. Lab test data proves the labelling to be accurate to 2/10ths percent on the positive side of the activated THC content.

The candies of Paradise candy company are top notch edible that provides great taste, accurate and thorough labelling as well as a huge variety of flavors. Blazing Gear rating: 5 Pot Leafs


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