StarLight Dry Herb/ Wax Vaporizer

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In the box with The StarLight dry herb and wax vaporizer:
The StarLight Vaporizer Unit
Deluxe Atman Packing/Scoop Tool
Deluxe USB Charging Cable
Instruction Manual
Wax Cup Insert

On first impression The StarLight is rugged feeling with a very heavy, metal box frame. The design is very basic but has some unique design features and I am interested in seeing it in action.

But first, let’s take a closer look at The StarLight dry herb and wax vaporizer. The plastic see-thru mouthpiece attaches magnetically and pulls off easily. But maybe a little too easily as it can come off in your pocket. The oven is covered by a screen, also magnetically attached with a strong secure seat that keeps it in place nicely. Beneath the screen of course is the oven and wax cup insert both of which are oversized. The insert is for use with wax, shatter, crumbles and other solid concentrates but not liquids. The larger oven without the insert is ideal for ground dry herbs. The oven is large, with air conduction holes filling the bottom and also ringing the upper portion of the oven. This design produces some ideal results in dry herb vaporization as we will see later.

On the outside there is only 1 button, temperature indicator lights and one single multi-function button and the micro USB charging port. Now let’s look at how the StarLight functions. The device powers on and off with 5 clicks of the button. The lights flash the current heat setting when turned on and the 4 temperatures are cycled through with 3 clicks of the button. To turn on the heating chamber you hold down the button for a couple of seconds, the light holds solid red until the heat is reached then turns green. The StarLights heats very fast. Only about 3 – 4 seconds to get to the lowest heat and only about 12 seconds to get to the highest heat of 500 degrees Fahrenheit. This ultra-high setting is really for use only with wax concentrates and should be noted that if you set it on high with dry herbs you should expect charring and/or combustion. But to be clear, it’s a really nice feature to have for a wax vaporizer.

Now let’s try out the StarLight with some dry herbs first, but before we do we make sure it’s fully charged with the provided USB cable, which the instructions say should be the only cable used to charge the device. The device is fully charged indicated by the lights on the side which indicate the level of charge then green flashing of the button light. The button light indicates red if charging is required and flashes while charges.

As per the instructions we grind the dry herb and fill the chamber lightly, without hard packing and about ⅔ of the way full, which is just below the upper air holes of the chamber. Our first dry herb test was at the 410 degree fahrenheit setting. And this is where I begin to get really impressed with the StarLight. The puffs are so smooth and cool that at first I was having doubts about the temperature but then the taste made it clear that the cannabis was vaporizing just fine. Very clean, cool puffs that did not produce very much vapor on the exhale. The mouthpiece chamber is large and the mouthpiece tip is on the opposite side as the oven which allows a lot of cooling but also some diffusing of the vapor. The results are ultra smooth hits that may leave the big puff enthusiasts underwhelmed but the taste enthusiasts impressed.

The StarLight also features a 5 minute auto cut-off safety function which also helps to save battery life although it has a pretty hefty battery which lasts several cycles at high heat.

But the most impressive part of the dry herb test was the actual vape quality of the herbs. The StarLight produced almost perfectly even, perfectly toasted cannabis rivaling even such top notch vaporizers as the very expensive Crafty. I was very impressed by the performance even if a little underwhelmed by the size of the exhaled puffs.

Then we tested the StarLight with wax and again I was impressed with the performance using the 500 degree Fahrenheit setting. The puffs were again not big on the exhale but with awesome taste and cool smooth hits. Using too much wax can result in splattering and stickiness in the bowl so I recommend using a smaller amount than the ⅔ full recommended in the manual.

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