Airis Mystica II Cartridge Vaporizer Review Video

Welcome to the Blazin’ Gear Review of the very discreet Airis Mystica II cartridge vaporizer. For the full review please visit:

Hydrology9 Liquid Filtration Dry Herb Vaporizer Review Video

The innovative and unique Hydrology9 Liquid Filtration Dry Herb Vaporizer from Cloudious9 is refined, portable and is one of the smoothest and cleanest hitting vaporizers I’ve tried.

SteamCloud A-40 Box Mod Vaporizer

Ultra compact, durable the SteamCloud is a powerful little box mod that works with most 510 thread atomizers and attachments because of it's 1 - 40 watt variable settings.

Stoner Joe’s Dry Herb Vaporizer Review

Stoner Joe's dry herb vaporizer is a simple to use device that offers above average performance with a really cool looking design. It boasts the same features as other more affordable vaporizers but the unique and fun style of the Stoner Joe's dry herb vaporizer earn it high marks.

Nokiva Dry Herb Vaporizer

The Nokiva is an almost perfect vaporizer regardless of the price, and at around $80 it's one of my personal favorites. Amazing huge puffs, great flavor and includes the glass mouthpiece accessory, the Nokiva dry herb vaporizer hits the nail right on the head.

PAX 3 Dry Herb & Marijuana Extract Vaporizer Review

The PAX 3 Dry Herb and Extract Vaporizer is a cannabis industry leading vaporizer for good reason. Flawless design, packed full of features and unparalleled performance the PAX 3 sets the standard and puts in the work.

StarLight Dry Herb/ Wax Vaporizer

[rwp-review id=”0″] In the box with The StarLight dry herb and wax vaporizer: The StarLight Vaporizer Unit Deluxe Atman Packing/Scoop Tool Deluxe USB Charging Cable Instruction Manual Wax Cup Insert On first impression The StarLight is rugged feeling with a very heavy, metal box frame. The design is very basic but has some unique design features and I am interested in seeing it in acti...[Read More]

Astral Dry Herb Vaporizer

[rwp-review id=”0″] In the box with the Astral loose leaf vaporizer. The Astral Vaporizer Unit Cleaning Cloth USB Charging Cable Instruction Manual On first impression the Astral is elegant, beautiful and well made. The kit is basic but has a very clean, well designed look and seems promising. Now let’s take a closer look at The Astral unit itself. The Astral is a very simply designed ...[Read More]

Hypnos Extract Vaporizer Pen from Linx

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VapeCode VC35-G Portable Cannabis Vaporizer w/ Bubbler

[rwp-review id=”0″]

PAX 2 Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer

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