Yocan Ultron Portable Enail

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The Yocan Ultron Portable Enail is a self contained 510 thread battery with marijuana wax atomizers made as an attachment fitting most water pipes. It provides an innovative and easy way to do dabs on the go or in the comfort of home.

Here is what comes in the box with the Ultron Enail:

  • 1 Ultron Enail
  • 1 Sensor chip battery
  • 2 Titanium heating elements
  • 1 Nano heating element
  • 10 Extra rubber fittings
  • 1 Dab tool
  • 1 Usb charger
  • 1 Gift box


At first glance the Ultron seems incomplete. There is no power button, no temperature setting and no outward indication of ow it works. The silver metal casing is solid with the battery and atomizer on one side and the 14 – 18mm male and female pipe adapter on the other side held together by a swiveling metal tube with rubber washers.
The 510 thread battery screws off of the atomizer base and the atomizer slides firmly into the housing dome sealed also with a rubber washer. the device looks cool and has the weight and feel of quality yet the 2 tones of metal and odd swivel joint give it sort of a prototype appearance.


Using the Ultron Enail is really very simple. The battery charges via a supplied USB charger screwed into the standard 510 thread of the Ultron’s battery. You can choose between 2 options for the wax atomizer. There are 2 provided twin element titanium heating element and one Nano technology element which uses foil only nanometers thick to provide almost instantaneous yet extremely high temperatures. Wax is pressed on to the chosen atomizer which is screwed into the charged battery pack. Then the assembly is inserted into the housing dome and inserted into the water pipe using the adapter portion of the Ultron. The universal adapter head fits most 14 – 18 mm male and female adapters. It worked perfectly with our 14 mm pipe, we used Bee Lasso glass joint lubricant for a great seal, but it would have been fine without it. There is no power switch, or button to hold down for the unit to work. It is powered on automatically when air is pulled through the pipe, which is great to conserve the ample battery but has it’s drawbacks as I will point out later in the review.

Ultron Enail PackingPERFORMANCE

The amount of wax that you can vaporize with the Ultron is pretty amazing. It’s really fast to load and is ready the moment you drop it into the pipe. The first hit takes a few seconds to get to heat but you can easily feather the carburetor on the pipe to prolong the default hit cycle. We tested the device with both the titanium and the Nano atomizers and found, that as stated by Yocan in their information, that the titanium head gives huge powerful hits that will go through wax quickly. The Nano atomizer gave smaller, but still pleasing and tasty hits with prolonged number of milder hits per session.

There was a big drawback that occurred a couple of times due to the fact that the heating element is not activated until after the user is inhaling air through the pipe. When I packed a hard shatter concentrates that sat loosely on the coils, it would sometimes be lifted off of the coils to the top of the chamber cover before the coils could melt the shatter concentrates into the atomizer. This caused an instant clog as the wax sucked into the hole in the top of the chamber housing. The wax was easily recovered and pressed into the coils but this does not happen if you can activated the coils for moment to melt the wax into the coil, rather than pressing the wax into the coil risking damage to the coil. It’s not the biggest problem the device could have but it is a good reason I think to have a button to manually activate the coils in addition to the cool air activated trigger it uses now. The Thor portable E-nail has a button to activate it’s enormous atomizer, but is not air activated like the Ultron.

Ultron Enail ProfileREVIEW RATINGS

  • Price & Value: 5 Pot Leafs – $99.00 is a small price to pay for the innovative convenience of the device which amply performs it’s duty.
  • Design & Style: 3 Pot Leafs – It’s shape is a little odd and the design seems kind of unfinished but it works well and is innovative.
  • Cloud & Taste: 4 Pot Leafs – Big pleasing puffs that taste as good as the wax and pipe your smoking through.
  • Performance: 4 Pot Leafs – Atomizers all of the wax without scorching with both types of atomizers.
  • Battery: 4 Pot Leafs – The battery was more than ample giving 5 – 6 sessions per charge and charging in less than 30.

OVERVIEW: 4 Pot Leafs


– The Ultron is super simple to use

– Produces nice big tasty clouds


– The design seems unrefined

– Wax can dislodge and clog the airway

A promising and innovative portable Enail that is very effective at vaporizing concentrates. Although the design seems unfinished, more like a prototype and there are some flaws, it’s really simple to use and is capable of big flavorful puffs over several sessions.

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